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Louise Campion
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"Show us the Father, and that

will be enough for us."


John 14:8

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Louise Campion

“Once in every generation a song comes along that you believe is distinctive, and I must say Hold Me Father is just something that immediately grabs my attention as not being run of the mill, but in every way something that God is using and speaking through. Louise Campion has just produced the most fabulous song. This song needs to be brought to the heart of the nation. It needs to be brought to the heart of the world. Hold Me Father is a prayer of dependency, and its one that we need to get out into the public forum that everybody may embrace.”

Dr. Noel Tredinnick - Composer, Orchestrator, and Conductor Emeritus of the All Soul's Orchestra, London

Louise Campion Hold me Father EP cover page



If you would like to sing any of Louise's songs in your church, the chords, lyrics, and CCLI song numbers can be found at the link below or in Song Select:

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Hold Me Father has been a big part of my life for over 20 years! This song was written off the back of a preach about the Father heart of God which challenged and changed my incorrect perception and beliefs about God. I had always seen Him as a distant being; a man on a throne with grey hair and a big stick full of high expectations shouting out rules to us, His servants; a King with a short fuse that was just millimetres away from explosion point, and looking to discipline and reprimand every mistake I made. BUT this preach blew those perceptions out of the water and dismantled the lies I had believed. I discovered that God is a Father, my Father, and that He loves me, likes me, is for me, believes in me, is proud of me, has a plan and purpose for my life and that He enjoys seeing me flourish! I also realised He longs to hold me, be close to me and make me feel safe. Just like any good earthly dad would.


When you have believed your whole life that God is angry with you, and that you need to be afraid of coming close to Him in case He loses His temper, it is a massive step to choose to want to come close to Him, and to trust that He won’t hurt you. The whole concept of coming close to someone requires bravery and courage. I had often tried to avoid spending one on one time with God because I was afraid of Him, and this song was my attempt to break that fear and declare the new reality I had found to be true about Him. It was a big step to be vulnerable and to ask God to come close and to want Him to hold me. I always knew I needed God to save me, but I hadn’t realised I had needed God to be a Father to me, so this was a defining moment of understanding that actually, He is all I want, and in Him I find everything I need. The song was also an attempt to give Father God time and space to speak to me, to impact me, to recalibrate my thinking, to love me, to hold me and show me that all I need is Him amidst all the chaos in life, and to trust His bigger plans for me even if I didn’t understand or fully see what He was doing with me. The Father’s love is the one thing we need more than anything else in this life.

1806 Lou photoshoot-269.jpg


When I got to sing Hold Me Father the first time, it touched many hearts and lives in ways I hadn’t anticipated. It brought healing, comfort, clarity and connection for people. It was beautiful to see how God could use the song in so many different ways for so many people. God was speaking to people uniquely and they were encountering Him through the song, and that’s when I knew that this was a song that He’d entrusted to me for a greater purpose. It was bigger than my own personal revelation.


Since then, I have had the privilege of singing it in so many different contexts: conferences around the world, various churches in South Africa, weddings, funerals, events, homes and even my final BAMusic Honours exam, with the same response every time – tears, healing, and deep heart connection with Father God. I have always known that this song needed to be captured and shared with the world,

and that it would need to be done with an orchestra when the time was right.

Louise Campion

"I still remember the first time I heard this song. I was in South Africa with Lou and we were in a high school, and she began singing this song over a room full of students, about the Father and about His love, and I remember just looking around and seeing these tears streaming down people’s faces as God broke in and they got revelation of just how loved and precious they are to Him. It was a beautiful moment and this song has been used many times by God, and many many people have been touched at churches and events all around the world.


You know there’s something so powerful about when a writer manages to articulate what feels like a deep heart-cry in us, but sometimes we can’t find the language or the words, and I really feel like Hold Me Father is one of those. It’s personally brought such comfort and strength to me as I’ve sung it over the years and I know that the same will be true of many other people as they hear it."


Jules Burt

Singer, Songwriter, Worship Leader, UK


Louise Campion


Louise Campion



Close friend, Former Homegroup Leader,

Eldership at Harvest Church, SA

“From the moment I heard Louise play Hold Me Father,

I knew it was a song that the world needed to hear. 



Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist,

Coach on The Voice, SA

“Louise Campion is an amazing person. She’s just so pure, an amazing worshipper, and a great musician, and she’s written a song, Hold Me Father. It is something that I think our nation is really needing right now. I think it speaks to everybody and the way that we think about God.”




Vicar of Pattern Church Swindon, UK

“When I heard Hold Me Father it was like a seven minute encounter with God and His love.”

Louise Campion & David Campion

Orchestra Recording day

The orchestra recording happened on the 11th June 2019 at All Souls Church, Langham Place and it was a truly incredible day. The All Souls Orchestra under Noel Tredinnick’s conducting leadership were phenomenal, and Neil Costello did an outstanding job with the recording and mixing. I had the BEST team of people to make a truly memorable day in every possible way! The orchestra sounds EPIC!!!

I can’t wait for you to hear it!!!

Noël Tredinnick
Louise Campion & Neil Costello
Louise Campion
Louise Campion & Noel Tredinnick
All Souls Orchestra & Noel Tredinnick
Louise Campion
All Souls Orchestra & Noel Tredinnick
Louise Campion
Louise Campion
Louise Campion
All Souls Orchestra, Neil Costello, Noel Tredinnick, Les Moir


Another great thing about the orchestra recording day, was that the last half hour of my orchestra recording time I gifted to Lawrence LJ Johnson and the other writers of “Strength to go on” which is a song that was recorded with over 100 members of the gospel community and some of the top UK Christian artists to raise funds for the countries impacted by hurricane Idai – so its a lovely thought to know that all of you who have given towards the project have actually given towards that amazing cause too.

Lawrence LJ Johnson & Louise Campion
Niklas Fairclough & Des Govender

LIV Choir Recording Day

The LIV Village Choir recording happened in South Africa on the 17th August 2019 with Nik Fairclough at Northwind Studios.

I recorded my vocals there the following week. Geoff Pesche did the mastering of my EP at Abbey Road Studios. 

LIV Village Choir
Dream Key and Louise Campion's hand
“Between who you are and who you could be.
Between how it is and how it should be...”


Sometimes it takes 20 years for a dream to come true.

Noel Tredinnick, Neil Costello, Louise Campion

Thank you

“If somebody goes the extra mile to help,

go the extra inch to thank them”


- Louise Campion

David Campion, Louise Campion


These are the incredible people who played a significant part in helping me get all the various

things in place to make the Hold me Father recording possible.


I feel so blessed to have had their input, advice, support, help and expertise on this project

and I will be forever grateful to each one of them for their contribution to HMF.

Neil Costello

Neil Costello

Producer, Recording, & Mixing

Niklas Fairclough

Niklas Fairclough

Lead Vocals & LIV Choir Recording

Geoff Pesche

Geoff Pesche

Mastering (Abbey Road Studios)

Noel Tredinnick

Dr. Noël Tredinnick

All Souls Orchestra Conductor

All Souls Orchestra

All Souls Orchestra


Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards

Piano, Orchestration, & Arrangement

Julian Wiggins 1.PNG

Julian Wiggins

Orchestration & HMF Selah

Lawrence LJ Johnson, Louise Campion, Tarna'Renae Johnson & Margo Michelle

Lawrence LJ Johnson,
Tarna’Renae Johnson & Margo Michelle

Backing Vocals

Ali Berry

Ali Berry

LIV Choir Arrangement

Ant & Des Govender

Ant & Des Govender

LIV Choir Conductors

LIV Village Choir Recording on Louise Campion's Song

LIV Village Choir


David Campion from Open Sky Media

David Campion

Music Video & Documentary

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